“SoLoMo” is an amalgam for social, local and mobile. SoLoMo combines the best of both the virtual, digital and real worlds to deliver an experience that’s as natural to do on a mobile device as it would be in real life finally bridging the gap between user and the web.

The web offers a great resource with around 7.51 billion indexed pages as of June 2012 and 32.7 percent of the world population connected – a growth of over 500 percent since the year 2000 – but what if you just want as many of us do to find something locally? That’s where SoLoMo comes in basically allowing people to interact (social), find (local) and access (mobile) your brand easily.

specialisation so that people will be reminded of what you can offer them long after they’ve met you. There is nothing worse than a future customer telling you that they went to your competitor because they didn’t know you offered that product or service – list it on your card and
you’ll never miss a sale again.
The best news is that printing on two sides of a card instead of one will generally cost only an additional 20 to 30% not double, so it makes great economic sense too!

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