Vodafone recently claimed that ‘network brand damage’ was the reason for a $500 million revenue drop in 2012 and Hyundai Australia announced recently a recall of 227,000 cars with a faulty brake light issue that they had known about for 15 months prior. So why aren’t iconic Australian brands investing more in their brand loyalty?

A Readers Digest poll of the most trusted brands found that the number one reason people supported a business was if it ‘remained true to its brand’.

On a recent interstate trip my Qantas flight was delayed two hours on the tarmac due to minor maintenance issues with nothing but a mere PA apology to passengers. Interestingly the new brand tagline for Qantas is – ‘you’re the reason we fly’.

Looking after the customers you have is more important in today’s digitally connected world than it has ever been. With the average person in Australia having at least one social media connection, if not two or three, one negative experience can be…

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