Tony Eades presentes at National Speakers Conference Canberra 2015
Whether your business is small or large, established or just a dream – it all starts with the right brand. Your brand is your business – it’s the reason why customers will buy from you now and continue to do so in the future.

Never before has the playing field been more even than right now – SME’s competing effectively against big corporates, innovative start-ups taking market share quicker than ever before.

Over the past twenty years I have worked with thousands of business entrepreneurs in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe to create a winning brand, support it with effective brand marketing and drive it with a clear, results driven strategy.

Building a brand across multiple digital channels is a challenge for most businesses these days – understanding these channels, especially social media, is one thing – managing it is entirely another. I write for a number of publications around the subject of branding and digital marketing including Kochie’s Business Builders, CEO Magazine, National Retail Magazine, Dynamic Business, Anthill, Western Sydney Business Access and Franchise magazine.

I can facilitate brand strategy half day and full day workshops including …

1. Brand Strategy Workshop
•    Intensive workshop to develop the ‘why’ of an organisation to drive a unique marketing message

2. Inbound Marketing Workshop
•    An introduction to Inbound Methodology including buyer personas and building a content calendar

3. Understanding Marketing Automation Workshop
•    Introduction to HubSpot’s marketing automation platform including ‘under the hood’ features

Click here to visit my BrandManager Blog, ‘The Blab’ or better still drop me a line so we can discuss how, working together we can take your brand to the next level.